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Timber vs. Aluminium Attic Ladders

Aluminium attic ladders suit both commercial and domestic applications. Most aluminium attic ladders have a smooth finish door with soft opening and closing gas struts. They normally include a pole and a hook kit.

On the other hand, a wooden access ladder gives you quick and easy access to your roof space. Timber ladders are generally very durable, lowering the risk of an unstable stepladder. Timber ladders normally come with an architrave kit, handrail and in-ceiling handrail to complete the installation. Timber ladders typically have a higher load capacity compared to aluminium attic ladders.

Aluminum attic ladder features include:

  • High Strength Construction
  • Superior grade thick laminated panel door, ready for painting
  • Smooth action gas struts, means no slamming when closing
  • Heavy duty aluminum extrusions for added strength
  • Aluminum steps are serrated to resist slipping
  • Complete with hand rail
  • Insulated door with seal helps reduce energy costs, minimising drafts and dust
  • Larger spacing between steps and door for a more comfortable grip

Timber attic ladder features include:

  • Particularly suitable for situations where young people or people with less mobility will use the ladder.
  • Wide, deep treads and gentle ladder angle means safe, easy climbing
  • Double lacquer coated ladder sections give a superior finish
  • Adjustable heavy duty double tension spring, heavy duty hinge and spring assisted ladder sections for finger tip operation
  • Strong, stable spread load capacity for long life with everyday use
  • The heavy duty trap board has both sound and thermal insulation and includes a special seal to prevent any dust from the roof void entering the home