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Roof Ventilation VS Un-Vented Roofs

A large number of homeowners tend to ignore attaching enough importance to proper roof ventilation for their houses. The reason behind this is lack of insight or knowledge regarding the importance of roof ventilation and why it should be considered a necessity and not an option in houses. In a nutshell, roof ventilation enables hot air and moisture a pathway to escape from the top region/roof of your house. This way, it helps in preventing any build-up of heat or moisture and protecting your house from a number of different kinds of damage. There are a number of significant advantages to installing proper roof ventilation over keeping your roof unvented. Knowing about these advantages will enable you to take a wiser and smarter decision regarding going for roof ventilation (if not done already), and might save you a lot of trouble and money in the long run. Here are a few points to consider –

  • Roof ventilation allows the heated air and moisture to leave the interior of your house and escape into the atmosphere outside. With unvented roofs, hot air and moisture do not get an outlet to escape from your house and keep accumulating in the interiors.
  • With proper roof ventilation, your attic remains pleasant and dry. All the heated air and moisture that has risen up into the attic can freely flow outside, keeping your attic safer and cooler. If you have an unvented roof, the heat and moisture starts to build up in the attic. This can cause major damage to the shingles and roof sheathing, causing them to bake and lose their strength and durability. This can create serious structural integrity problems for your house. The building moisture can also cause dampness and mildew.
  • The stability, health and condition of your roof can be preserved with proper ventilation. Unvented roofs can eventually become brittle and cave in.