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Timber vs. Aluminium Attic Ladders

13 August 2014
Aluminium attic ladders suit both commercial and domestic applications. Most aluminium attic ladders have a smooth finish door with soft opening and closing gas struts. They normally include a pole and a hook kit.
On the other hand, a wooden acc...

Roofing Ventilation Myths

13 August 2014
There are a few things that are misunderstood about the home and attic ventilation. All ventilation is about circulating air to keep it fresh and to minimise moisture levels.
Did you know about 90% of homes have unreasonably high l...

Roofing Vent Protects For Your Home and Family

13 August 2014
One of the best ways to ensure a long life for your roof is to ensure adequate ventilation. The interior of a home builds moisture. If there’s no place for the moisture to vent out in the attic, the house will retain the moisture and cause long-t...

Make Your Attic Stairs Safe

13 August 2014
If you’re looking for an economical and easy solution to access your roof storage space, choose Direct Skylights to arrange timber or aluminium access stairs.
Our ladders have a comfortable incline making it safe to climb and...

How Many Attic Vents Your Roof Needs

13 August 2014
The size of your roof vent and attic space will determine how many roof vents you need. There is a basic formula you can use to calculate this.
Let’s start by looking at different types of roof vents.
Ridge vents run a...

Getting Creative With Skylight Designs

13 August 2014
Skylights increase the amount of daylight in a building, which makes for high-energy efficiency as power bills are reduced.
With skylights, there are several ways to get creative. Skylights introduce light in the home and look inno...

Clean or Replace Skylight Domes

4 June 2014
Skylight domes are widely used in Australia for lighting rooms during the day when sunlight is naturally available. It cuts unwanted lighting costs during the day time, and also improves the aesthetic appeal of your room. Sometimes you might have exces...

The Pros and Cons of Sunrooms

4 June 2014
There are times when you would like to enjoy the beauty of the outside without actually stepping outside. Sunrooms are what you exactly need in this case.  Made out of large glass walls on most or all the four walls and the ceiling, sunrooms are a...

Different Types of Roof Vents

4 June 2014
Having adequate ventilation in your roof is crucial to maintaining a balance between the environment inside and outside your house, preventing the build-up of warm air and moisture in your attic and preserving the structural integrity and condition of ...

Roof Ventilation VS Un-Vented Roofs

4 June 2014

A large number of homeowners tend to ignore attaching enough importance to proper roof ventilation for their houses. The reason behind this is lack of insight or knowledge regarding the importance of roof ventilation and why it should be consid...
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