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Clean or Replace Skylight Domes

Skylight domes are widely used in Australia for lighting rooms during the day when sunlight is naturally available. It cuts unwanted lighting costs during the day time, and also improves the aesthetic appeal of your room. Sometimes you might have excess moisture or some dirt in your skylight domes or perhaps you just need to replace them. It is an easy task to do, but like all things, there is a procedure to be followed.

Cleaning Skylight Domes

Cleaning skylight domes are a fairly simple task. You’ll have them looking good as new in no time by following these simple steps.

Removing the Dome – Most domes are attached to the frame with screws. Make sure you remove all the screws before you detach the dome from the frame. Sometimes the domes might be stuck real badly and pulling too hard can break the plastic. Instead, run a knife through the bottom and separate the dome.

Cleaning – Most skylight domes in the market are made from plastic and its variants. As such, using regular household cleaning equipment’s such as glass cleaners, acetone, benzene or thinners can damage the plastic. Use a soft cloth and mild soap to clean the dome.

Protecting the plastic – Apply a thin, even coat of automobile polish and buff the dome to maintain a good lustre. Wipe it clean then with a soft, damp cloth to remove static electricity which attracts dirt.

Replacing Skylight Domes

A broken skylight dome can be easily replaced. First focus on removing the older dome. Broken skylight domes can have sharp protruding parts which can be dangerous when trying to pull it apart. Run a knife through the gasket and pull the dome from the bottom with the help of a knife. It is also advisable to change the gasket at the same time so that the new dome doesn’t get stuck. Once this is done, carefully fix the replacement dome ensuring that it is clean and the screws are properly tightened.